Say goodbye to boring sales pitches

Turn static presentations into interactive conversations that engage your audience and drive results. Ask questions and fill in answers in real-time, making your sales pitch more dynamic and effective.

A presentation tool everyone loves ❤️

Our platform is designed to make it easy for your sales team to create interactive presentations that stand out from the competition. Whether you’re selling a product, a service, or an idea, our tool will help you make a lasting impression on your clients.

Collect data during meetings directly to your CRM

Say goodbye to manual data entry! With SlideX, you can effortlessly collect valuable data directly from your sales meetings and seamlessly integrate it into your CRM. Streamline your data collection process and focus on what matters most – closing deals and building meaningful relationships with your customers.

Easily create your presentation with Powerpoint or Google Slides

Use SlideX to enhance your existing presentations with interactive features that engage your audience and drive results. No need to start from scratch – just use your existing materials and add SlideX to take your sales pitch to the next level.

Present using SlideX and collect data like never before

With SlideX, you can present your sales pitch in an interactive format that allows you to collect valuable data from your audience in real-time. By following the sales process and gathering insights into your customers’ needs and pain points, you’ll be better equipped to close deals and drive revenue.

Enrich your CRM and Marketing automation data

SlideX integrates seamlessly with your CRM and marketing automation tools, allowing you to automatically send the data you collect during sales presentations to these platforms. This means that you can enrich your customer profiles with valuable insights and improve your marketing campaigns with data-driven insights.

Analyze and compare your sales reps

With SlideX, you can track and analyze your sales team’s performance and identify areas for improvement. By comparing the data collected during sales presentations, you can gain insights into each sales rep’s ability to qualify leads and close deals. Use this information to coach your team and optimize your sales process for better results.

Integrates with all your existing tools

SlideX doesn’t require you to use anything you wouldn’t already use. It integrates seamlessly into your existing tech stack.

Simple pricing for any team size.

SlideX helps you to maximize productivity, maintain pipeline visibility, and grow revenue.


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Build interactive presentations for enterprise. 

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 Today, sales presentations need to be engaging, interactive, and personalized to each customer’s needs. This is where SlideX comes in, offering an unique solution that turns static pitches into dynamic, interactive dialogs.